Kai is a Rock Star. She makes raising two boys under 4, with a full time job AND two side hustles seem possible.

She reminds us it isn't easy but if you have an amazing partner and give yourself some Grace, everything will be alright.

Kai Archer-Cahill lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and two sons - Sebastian age 4 & Jackson age 18 months. She works full time in accounting at a high end guitar company.  Kai took some time out of her busy day to answer a few questions about what her world is like and she gets it done.
Did you always want kids? How did you feel about kids, before Kids?
I have absolutely always wanted kids. Before kids I thought I had them somewhat figured out, I absolutely fucking did not
Were both pregnancies planned?
Both pregnancies were planned. We decided to try for Sebastian after quitting smoking for about 6 months and it took 2 weeks to get knocked UP and with Jackson we had just decided to not prevent anymore annnd that took about a month lol
What is the most stand out memory from labor or delivery? Did the process differ between kids?
The most stand out thing for both labors is I had both my kids at the same hospital in the same exact room. The process was different with both. With my oldest I was scheduled to be induced and I went in to do so and went into labor myself. With my youngest my water actually broke and he came faaast. My youngest also almost didn't pass his hearing test and he also had jaundice.
What is the biggest life change since you have had kids?

The biggest change would be the understanding the depths of what love truly is and lengths that you're willing to go through to protect that love time management, priorities, the small things

What is a typical weekday like for your family?
Working, threatening timeouts to just take one bite of food, taking in all the small moments, doctors appointments for Jackson, answering close to 500 questions from a toddler a day
What is the transition like from having one child to two?
The transition was easy, my husband is a saint.
Do you make 'Me' time a priority? If you could give yourself advice, what would it be?
Me time isn't in the cards as much as it should be, but I so set my alarm early to enjoy a cup of coffee and a murder show by myself on the weekends
What influences your fashion and beauty choices?
I don't know if I necessarily have a fashion influence. I've always kind of rocked a band tee and jeans with the occasionally big chunky sweater. Beauty choices for are easy. I hardly wear makeup and I have my eyebrows micro-bladed as well as have my eyelashes done. Truly takes me about 10 mins to get ready.
What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self - the pre-kid self?
I would tell myself that even in my darkest days the light will always be there as long as you seek it.
How is it balancing work life & mom life?
What is balancing? We freakin' wing it baby.
Best advice you could give fellow moms trying to balance it all.
Give yourself grace. Allow yourself to fail because that will be apart of your success. Remember where you came from and stay humble.
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